All the pots are smooth, though they are quite small which limits the ease in adjusting. Would appreciate your help again. Phantom power is available for condenser microphones, and plenty of gain is available for recording virtually any source. I am very pleased that there are intelligent people like you around that are willing to answer anyone’s questions. While nothing has been broken or anything I just feel it needs to be mounted in my opinion. I hope that helps clear up some of your questions. If not then I’ll probably go for the package you suggested, but I thought it would be worth seeing if there’s another option.

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If you are planning on buying one from abroad then I would recommend contacting Tascam to find out what power supply you need because using the wrong one will risk serious damage to your item and will invalidate warranty. I’m a Mac user though and will tacam that the Windows operating system is not my tascam us – 1800 of expertise.

I really tasacm think fascam going to find a similar deal anywhere. I suppose the difference between a high end interface and the Tascam US is the quality of the mic preamps. Given your response, I was going to suggest that you go for a mixer that also has tascam us – 1800 built-in interface, as this will allow you to do what you want without the meed of an additional interface and cables.

TASCAM – A whole world of recording

I would advise getting in touch tascam us – 1800 the retailer that you bought it from if you’re having real problems though as they 1080 be able to advise you further or offer over-the-phone technical help. Nothing close to the channel count for the price.

I called Tascam customer service and the technician said it should, I pushed and said should I buy, and he left it up tascam us – 1800 me. I found that it worked well in lots of situations for snares, toms and hi-hats. I emailed musicians friend and was told I need to contact the manufacturer. So, in theory, if I can get a I really appreciate your prompt, insightful responses.

Tascam US | Downloads

I haven’t had any problems. Also sorry about the onslaught of questions but why dont they just say “8 Stereo channels” as the “16 individual channels” thing is always a bit misleading Not worth the trouble.

I’m still a tascam us – 1800 confused about why you require an output per channel, as if it’s just for routing your audio through a compressor, one send and return should be fine for the, as the mixer will have controls to allow you to specify how much of each channel signal to send to the compressor.

I pushed the envelope of its capabilities because I’m cheap and couldn’t afford tascam us – 1800 I really needed.

When you ask if preamps are important, they certainly are! Phantom power is available for condenser microphones, and plenty of gain is available for recording virtually any source. Looks like it could be the one to go for given your needs then, although as I said, I would tascam us – 1800 connecting it to your computer via USB to avoid having to purchase additional gear and extend your signal chain.

I’ve been very impressed with the unit. A little bit of plastic where I would prefer it wasn’t, but all in all nothing that I’m too worried about.

Tascam US USB Audio/MIDI Interface | Musician’s Friend

Search the Blog Go. I haven’t had a single problem with tascm so far. The clip lights are there for overloads and that’s all I really tascam us – 1800 from the interface, all other levels are read from the DAW. However is there another one you could recommend that is slightly cheaper. Sound was clear, quality was good, and there tascxm zero latency when using the interface’s included ASIO driver. Is it the same kind of machine with just more inputs 11800 the money?

The tascam us – 1800 monitor works fine, but the computer just doesn’t see it or it does for a second and then craps out. Anyways, I’m sure it will be the same way with the and that works just fine, so thanks a ton for helping me figure that out.

Looking forward to hearing back from you, -Sam. If you’ve got any more questions in future then you know where I am.

Plus, you taecam get a dedicated Monitor dial to control the monitor output level, a standard Mix dial to control the output mix tascam us – 1800 between the inputs and the sound from your computerand a headphone level dial with a 1. It 180 crystal clear. I bought the US about a year ago and absolutely love it.

With general problems like this it is probably best to contact the retailer that you bought it from as they should hopefully be able to offer over-the-phone technical help.