Now I have a G I’m also partial to the MX, have my old one and one I recently bought from China. Finally 12 days later they responded to the ticket and sent me a new one. My MX lasted over 8 years. I have a which has lasted way too much Counter Strike rage years ago and its still kicking.

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The silver top has worn off on both mouse buttons, mx510 logitech there’s far less grime in the grooves than you would have thought.

Logitech MX The New Measure of a Mouse

mx510 logitech He had a good run, and it was time to move on. It was actually a warranty replacement for my logtech edge On its 4th continent.

Edit-I mx510 logitech at the manufacture date It has mouse acceleration baked into the firmware which cannot be disabled can’t find an authoritative source for that claim at the moment, but it is known. Generally plugging it in a few times would get it mx510 logitech again but it became a great annoyance.

I have found that every logitech product is like that. No referral codes or affiliate links. Bought mine in My theory is that my unusually sweaty hands did it in; I’d dissolved most of the rubberized coating on it within a few months.

Logitech Unveils New MX510 Gaming Mouse

We’re sending you a brand new 2nd gen MX free of charge. You may be right. Mx510 logitech replaced loitech with a G because logitech mice rule the planetand I like this mouse even better. Comes with build in rechargeable batteries and is still going mx510 logitech after about a month of moderate use.

Can definitely vouch for this one, I’ve had mine since about and it’s gone through multiple Diablo 2 installs, a lot of Warcraft 3, plenty of MMO’s, tons of Counter-Strike. This mouse is great.

The mini version of the MX Master, Logitech’s flagship wireless mouse, is almost as feature-rich I never did anything abusive mx510 logitech mine, but it died after three years, unfortunately. I’ve been using the mx510 logitech buttons above and below the scroll wheel instead. Wired mice are the way to go. The wire started coming loose or something. I had the blue MX and the laser on that crapped out on me. He was flawless, always responsive, always ready for battle. Best tech mx510 logitech experience ever.

Logitech MX Performance Optical Mouse If you’re a right-handed mouse user with an appetite for shortcut buttons and lightning-fast response times, the Logitech MX Mx510 logitech Optical Ligitech will be right up your mx510 logitech. It lasted about years before it got inexplicably lost in a move.

My blue one finally gave up the ghost about 6 months ago.

We cleaned the contacts and tried to fix it but mx510 logitech didn’t work. I had a MX that must have lasted just under 10 years. logitch


The MX mouse mx510 logitech a striking new look. I feel like I am going to hold a special memorial service for it when it finally goes, it’s been through my mx510 logitech PC gaming career. The MX is the same story.

I can vouch for my logitech marble trackball Ended up sourcing a dongle on eBay so now I have two mx510 logitech mice. The g recently went on sale on Amazon half off, I bought three. I’ve had to resort to putting foam wedges under my Marble Mx510 logitech to tilt it up on one side, but even that doesn’t work out quite as well.