Check the box to “Specify a location” then click. Smart Card Interface driver use Check that the Smart Card service is launched: Gemalto GemPC smart card reader drivers disk for Windows Open the Device Manager.

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Smart Card Interface driver use Next time you will have to redo full install process.

Gemplus GemPC USB Smart Card Reader from Lenovo – Overview

CAC Reader Manufacturers listed alphabetically:. Check the driver gemplus cac reader This USB device is Plug and play; you can plug it at any moment. The gemplus cac reader other cure for it not working is to return it and consider a different reader on this page.

Th is reader will show up as an SCRv2 in device manager. Are you interested in subscribing to the CACNews email list?

This reader has 4 possible fixes to work with Windows 7: According to the Identive’s driver download page, it will not work on anything newer than XP. If you have the time, and want gemplus cac reader play with updating drivers and such, you download a driver from https: If your Mac is having problems gemplus cac reader this reader, you will need to update it using a Windows computer or Bootcamped Mac.

In the rest of this file, we assume that you know how to start the Device Manager. Then contact the support.

MilitaryCAC’s Places to purchase / information about / drivers for USB CAC readers

To be able to conduct the following action, you need to have Administrator privilege on the workstation. Open the Device Manager. Gemplus cac reader installation file installation instructions are in the. Hold the control key [on your keyboard] when clicking the. Follow guidance in this PDF.

Smart Card Interface driver gemplus cac reader You will only see readers that I have gekplus and will recommend to you on this page Except for the Non-Supported old readers section.

This page shows over 45 different model CAC readers available. Some Gemplus cac reader users are having problems with this old reader.

Gemplus cac reader friendly with this update. I was not able to figure out how to make the contactless part work, just the regular CAC slot. If a cross appears, or a Yellow bang “!

NOT Mac friendly according to manufacturer website. It fixes some problems with: Use at your own risk!!

Readme for GemPC430 PC/SC driver for Windows 98

It is specifically designed for GemPC firmware version 1. NOT Mac friendly according to manufacturer’s website. Installation Steps Step 1: Connect your reader gemplus cac reader shown on the reader carton. Check that the Smart Card service is launched: The following components are included with this Disk: Alternate driver download locations: Before proceeding, you might want to check whether a gemplus cac reader driver version is available from the Gemalto gmplus site http: