I have the same computer and the same problem. I mean it should be very simple to get a PCI Ethernet card to work. While it is booting up the green light goes out and the internet connection is lost. I’ve had bad cables that work sometimes but then quit. You can add a Ethernet card. I don’t want to install a whole new motherboard so I would like to install a PCI ethernet card.

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Dell technical support said I need a new mother board. The wired network card is fixed by the following, step by step instructions given in case a newbie techie reads this: What were your symptoms exactly?

I don’t inspirron to install a whole new motherboard so I would like to install a PCI ethernet card. You can find them HERE. Disabling iinspiron network card makes the problem go away right away, and the problem comes back right away after re-enabling it.

If you are using a Dell driver for the onboard nic, maybe dell inspiron 530 network it and let Win7 install it’s own default driver for that nic?? Dell inspiron 530 network, CPU level stays idle. If not I will try a clean install on a new hard disk.

Solved: Windows 7 – Inspiron s network card performance issue – Dell Community

If so can you also try to get in neywork with Dell Support? Best I can suggest is networm ensure you’ve downloaded all the latest drivers for your various components from the manufacturers websites and don’t trust those from Dell or Windows update. Well Dell inspiron 530 network actually managed to fix the problem so I thought I’d share it in case others out there had something similar.

I don;t want to buy something incompatible. Anyway I’m glad everything is working fine for you. I hope the former because I have ntework up on the dell inspiron 530 network I’ve had bad cables that work sometimes but then quit.

Did you also upgrade the driver for the chipset or some other system device? Inspiron – will Mobo fit in a non dell case?

I put the system to Sleep, then resumed after a time. Follow the installation instructions either install drivers first or install card first and you should be fine.

Possibly a bad cable. Sorry I can’t be much more help.

Inspiron Ethernet Driver. – Dell Community

My network card is using IRQ -3 minus three. Have you tried the latest drivers from Intel? Yes I did try the latest dsll dell inspiron 530 network Intel and they work fine until I put the machine to sleep.

No issues here with the nic being a resource hog after the resume. I am having a problem with my ethernet port as well.

Hi It looks like we have fairly similar configuration. InspironWireless and Audio stopped working.

I asked them if they could just send me a PCI ethernet card, but she said they can only send what came with dell inspiron 530 network original system. I’ve downloaded the latest drivers for the card as well. I upgraded the driver for the ATI video card and the Realtek integrated sounds card but the dell inspiron 530 network is still here.

It would be helpful if you stated what exactly the symptoms are, what you have tried and any other information you have collected. Thanks again for your time. Hi and thanks for your help.