Toward the left and right, the keybed does not sit very firmly in place. You can edit your photos and have a quick play around with your home movies, but you won’t be able to play the latest games, as the integrated graphics can’t cope. All specifications are subject to change without notice. The transfer rate of At the center of this display stands the undeniably low contrast ratio of The baseplate consists of plastic but only gave to pressure along the large exhaust vents, and then only sightly.

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Xsus display lid doesn’t take much effort at all to twist considerably. Viewing angles from the left and right horizontal and those when tilting the screen back and forth vertical asus x52f laptop both quite bad.

The Perfect Fit for Work and Play

Many laptops produce 40 to 45 dB A during the stress test, some even 50 dB A. This might, one could complain, render a comparison more frustrating and difficult. Is this a sweet deal or are there some downsides to sour it? Speakers The Altec Lansing stereo speakers at the front of the notebook asus x52f laptop satisfy the lowest of expectations.

Due to photographic variables and conditions, actual product appearance may differ from images shown on this site. Power4Gear with a self-adjusting fan helps you conserve battery power and provides a quieter computing environment. The asus x52f laptop of the Seagate hard drive hums away at about the same volume, How does Pentium P manage to perform?

The power consumption of the Asus X52F is very high considering its low level of performance—this is particularly noticeable in idle mode. The way the display lid folds zsus prevents any ports from being at the back. PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change asus x52f laptop notice.


Memory operations per second. In Excel, you might hit the “up” arrow instead of “1” key every now and then. Cause for excitement or pile of rubbish? SmartLogon allows you to log on via facial recognition. The two ports at the left are placed very close together, however. Product specifications may asus x52f laptop from country to country.

Crystal Disk Mark 3. This improves the sound quality a bit. Core i3 starting at Euro. There are only three USB 2.

Products may x52ff be available in all markets. The same is true for the asus x52f laptop because it too asus x52f laptop not soldered in. SmartLogon for convenient facial recognition access SmartLogon allows you to log on via facial recognition.

We only managed to slightly twist the case using both hands. The case is fairly sturdy and the asus x52f laptop layout makes the impression of a high-quality case.

Asus X52F-EXV – External Reviews

The sound produced emphasizes the mids while neglecting the highs and bass. Only portability lets asus x52f laptop down. A multitouch touchpad allows you to asus x52f laptop in or out of pictures, asus x52f laptop even scrolling up and down pages with minimal effort.

The reason for flying the X52 under the radar is to maintain the focus of marketing for identical barebone notebooks, thereby making the X52 differently labeled. The reason for this considerable gain remains a mystery, since neither the gaming score no dedicated GPU nor the HDD score average at best are particularly noteworthy. The touchpad buttons click quietly but require a good deal of pressure and creakmaking an overall poor impression.

In the Asus tradition, notebooks names starting with X identify a specialty notebook that asus x52f laptop be extensively configured via their website. The position of the USB at the right is quite well thought out, on the other hand.