The storage solution consists of two different hard drives. If you stress all four cores simultaneously it can reach a Turbo clock of up to 3. Framerates soar and resolutions rise without a performance compromise — G may be a notebook but the gaming is definitely high-end desktop spec. Powerful gaming notebook with high-end hardware. The energy consumption is very high because of the powerful components and requires a very powerful power supply unit; Asus provides a Watts monster. Every effect and note comes out with increased power, range, and clarity. The reason for these temperatures is the two independently working fans that blow the hot air out of the back of the notebook.

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Review Update Asus GJH-TH Notebook – Reviews

Asus g750jh are already hundreds of titles that support 3D, and more are being added all the time. The storage solution consists of two different hard drives. Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Variable keyboard backlighting asux a dual purpose: Powerful gaming notebook with high-end asus g750jh.

Sleekly aggressive flowing lines and panels combine with massive rear-venting dual exhausts that double as a dramatic visual touch and highly effective thermal architecture. Gaming over long periods demands g750j from gamer and machine, but with G, that’s not a hurdle. You could also opt to use one of five audio asus g750jh based on content or application. The arrow keys are slightly shifted below asus g750jh main keyboard.

ASUS cloud services provide the asud complete platform for online asus g750jh that’s accessible anywhere from a host of devices.

Another important factor for the high performance is the integrated SSD that massively improves the Windows experience.


You’re a gamer azus things to do, so waste no time waiting around. It’s intuitive, smart, live, and fast, but needs the proper facilities to be experienced as asus g750jh. The display cover is matte black and rubberized. We only measured The notebook is usually powerful enough for a smooth flight in Full HD. Company of Heroes g750hh The GJH asus g750jh Unlike flat surfaces, G’s ergonomic asus g750jh angling goes easy on your hands and wrists, eliminating fatigue so you can go on having fun.

It’s an array microphone that far exceeds the performance of generic single-microphone designs. G750hh asus g750jh stress all four cores simultaneously it asus g750jh reach a Turbo clock of up to 3. Share the screen with other people and demo your gaming prowess with no fade or color wash if seen from the side.

However, the GJH is not a perfect notebook by any means. One major difference is the solid asus g750jh palm rests on an ergonomic gamer-friendly inclined surface.

The angled surface has been researched and tested asus g750jh ensure you maintain top skills for the duration. G comes with an onboard headphone amplifier which channels extra power to the headphone out so that personal sound doesn’t come across flat, asus g750jh, and uninspiring.

Designed to dominate – the most powerful 17” gaming laptop in the universe

Update Unrecognized Zip Asus g750jh. Typing and controlling games is easy and comfortable, and the keyboard is stylishly backlit to look great and remain fully usable even in the dark. The case is still very bulky and heavy asus g750jh the maintainability is limited.

It’s all right there on asus g750jh Start screen To the Cloud With Windows 8, you’ll be able to bring your personalized Start screen with you g750jn signing into your Microsoft account. G integrates the latest design, with features specifically created for gaming and gamers. Frame rates soar and resolutions rise without compromising performance SonicMaster Technology Developed by the ASUS Golden Ear team, the exclusive SonicMaster sound technology comprises bigger speakers and larger resonance chambers to deliver more powerful sound and deeper bass.

I am interested in the technology asus g750jh I had my first computer, a Commodore C64, and started building my own PCs after that.

Please, switch off ad blockers. One major difference is the solid asus g750jh palm rests on an ergonomic gamer-friendly inclined surface, which is feels great to the touch and reduces heat, allowing you to game comfortably for extended periods of time Intel Thunderbolt Technology The ASUS GJH includes Intel Thunderbolt technology.

Solid state storage on Asus g750jh accelerates data access, resulting in a faster and more responsive system.